Bianca Belair: Sasha Banks & Bayley Are Vital To WWE


Bianca Belair believes getting in the ring with Sasha Banks or Bayley will help her improve.

Bianca Belair is quickly moving up the rankings of Smackdown’s women’s division. The 31-year-old has yet to lose a singles match on the main roster. She has racked up an impressive 15-match winning streak.

She made her main roster debut at the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble in January, She joined the main roster’s Raw brand after WrestleMania before being drafted to Smackdown in October.

Belair was interviewed recently by Sports Illustrated. During the discussion, she noted just how important Sasha Banks and Bayley are to WWE.

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Bayley and Sasha are more than just vital to the women’s division, they’re vital to WWE,” Belair says. “They’ve done so many monumental things, starting in NXT. They set the bar at TakeOver, then they set the bar again on RawSmackDown and on pay-per-view.”

“Sasha sets the standard. She’s the champion. Bayley is so versatile. Look at the way she went from protagonist to antagonist. She always comes up with something new, and she has the ability to make people around her stars, too. I am looking forward to working with Bayley.”

Belair would continue to say that getting in the ring with wrestlers as talented as Banks and Bayley helps her improve her game. She also said that Banks and Bayley elevate others in the women’s divisions.

“They don’t just elevate themselves, they elevate every single person they come into contact with. That’s why I want to be in the ring with Bayley. That’s why I want to get in the ring with Sasha. If I can get into the ring with people of that caliber, I’m only going to get better.”

The full interview with Bianca Belair can be read here.

Earlier this week, Bianca Belair reacted to Paul Heyman recently stating that she is the future of WWE‘s women’s division.