Booker T On A Potential Sting Vs. Chris Jericho Match In AEW


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has speculated about a potential bout between "The Icon" Sting and Chris Jericho taking place in All Elite Wrestling.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has discussed the idea of a Sting versus Chris Jericho match taking place in AEW. He broached the hypothetical bout during an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast after Jericho shared a fanmade image teasing interest in a match with “The Icon.”

Booker T argued that the image, which features Jericho in his NJPW Painmaker gear and makeup, managed to convince him. 

Referencing the Painmaker look, Booker T admitted, “You know what? I never thought about this. The blackjack with the spikes on. That was actually really cool. Nah man. It works.”

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“Not that Sting can’t touch the career of Darby Allin and some of those other guys. I really think there’s a place there for him as a character. That’s one thing about wrestling is that no matter how old you are, you can still be a character.”

Booker T noted that, although Sting is 61-years-old, he can “still go out there and go.” He believes Sting can still deliver in the ring, even if it’s only “a little something.” As far as he’s concerned, a matchup between Sting and Jericho would deliver because it will “tell a story.”

“I think it really wouldn’t matter for him and a guy like Jericho. I really think they can go out there, pretty much, with smoke-and-mirrors, and tell a story. With no disrespect to anyone, I think there is enough knowledge in their head to do smoke-and-mirrors and tell the story, even at the age Sting is right now. Even still at the age of Chris Jericho right now, I think, no disrespect.”

Booker T On Why Jericho Is The Right Opponent For Sting

Booker T then likened a potential bout between the two to Shawn Michaels versus The Undertaker. He argued how “At that time, it was about 100 years [combined] because both them were about 50 at the time. And they went out and had the best match on the card by far that night. They told the best story by far that night on the card.”

He believes that Chris Jericho is the perfect opponent for Sting to not only deliver a good matchup but also protect him, ensuring “The Icon” can also walk out of the ring afterward. 

Booker T then speculated on a potential feud between the two. He imagined they could have as many as three matches together:

“So, my thing is yeah, who’s the right guy? […] Chris Jericho, take nothing away from the guy. Over the years, he has learned what the game is truly all about. He’s like a walking encyclopedia as far as the wrestling game goes. So yeah, I could see that happening, and surely the fans of AEW would tune in to check that out. Without a doubt.”

Sting appeared during last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite. He teased his intentions in the promotion during a segment with Cody and Darby Allin.