Booker T On His Favorite Part Of Undertaker’s Final Farewell


Booker T reveals which spot from the Final Farewell segment he liked the most

Booker T was one of the legends who were brought in for Undertaker’s Final Farewell segment at this year’s edition of the Survivor Series PPV.

The former WCW Champion talked about his experience on the show and the legacy of the Dead Man in detail on the latest episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast.

Revealing his favourite moment of the segment which had many layers, Booker T picked out the spot where Undertaker paid tribute to the late Paul Bearer:

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“That guy was a legendary figure in the business. He really– people need to do their research and go in-depth, and really understand what Paul Bearer really did to the business. He wasn’t just a character.

He was a guy that contributed more in so many ways behind the scenes than one would know… To appreciate it and give Paul those props, it was awesome.” said Booker T, “That was the best part of the whole thing for me, was having Paul Bearer just there with the urn. It just made me feel good.”

The wrestling veteran also gave his thoughts on the highly debated topic of whether it was the real send-off for Taker or we will see the Dead Man in the ring again in future.

Booker T claimed that he thinks the segment was his real send off, mentioning how he’s coming off the Boneyard match at WrestleMania 36 which will be really hard for anyone to top, including Taker himself.