Brodie Lee Tribute Shirt Breaks Sales Record


A tribute shirt for Brodie Lee has broken sales records.

Last night AEW presented a celebration of the life of Brodie Lee. The promotion also released a special edition tribute shirt that went on sale at 8 PM est. All proceeds from the sales of these shirts go to benefit the Huber family.

Pro Wrestling Tees has announced that the sales of the Brodie Lee t-shirt have broken the company record for most shirts sold within 24 hours. The record tops Sting’s t-shirt sales that had previously broken that same record earlier this month.

PW Tees also announced the shirt has topped the sales of the year’s previous top-seller.

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“Up until now… Orange Cassidy had the highest selling shirt of 2020 on He was just dethroned in just under 4 hrs after the release of this tribute shirt. The highest selling shirt of 2020 will go to Mr. Brodie Lee,” PW Tees Tweeted.

On the Pro Wrestling Tees website, several other Brodie Lee t-shirts are listed as the current best sellers. The special edition t-shirt is also available at Additionally, all of Brodie Lee‘s merchandise will also go to support the Huber family.

Other wrestlers, such as CM Punk and Mick Foley, have also said that proceeds from the sales of their t-shirts on PW Tees will also go to support the Huber family.