Chris Jericho Reflects On How Pat Patterson Helped His Career


All Elite Wrestling's Chris Jericho has reflected on how the late Pat Patterson helped his career and why he enjoyed working with him as an agent.

All Elite Wrestling’s Chris Jericho has reflected on how the late Pat Patterson helped his career. Jericho paid tribute to Patterson during a recent episode of his Talk is Jericho podcast.

The Inner Circle leader revealed how Patterson was the Yoda to his Luke Skywalker. He confessed how this wasn’t just true for him and that Patterson helped to influence and inspire “so many guys of my generation.”

“I was in the business nine years before I met him. I didn’t really understand what psychology was. I might have thought that I did, but I really didn’t until I met Pat,” Jericho explained. “Pat taught me 90% of what I know of how to put together a wrestling match. The mindset comes directly from Pat Patterson.”

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Jericho then pointed to “modern era main-eventers,” naming Superstars like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Rock, and Kurt Angle alongside himself. According to him, “Whoever is in there, Pat was our guy.”

He explained how Patterson was usually the agent assigned to their matchups. “[…] that’s just the way it was because you were working on top and Pat was always with the top guys.”

Chris Jericho On What Made Pat Patterson A Great Agent

Chris Jericho noted how working with Patterson on these high-level matchups was akin to collaborating with a co-writer on a song. Jericho may come up with an initial idea, and together, they would help change and evolve it into something better.

“Lower level agents would get insulted if you said you didn’t like the idea and they would get mad. Pat never said that. He would always say, here is what I’m visualizing. Then, ok, let’s try this. He would never get mad if you didn’t like it.”

Jericho admitted that Patterson wasn’t afraid to challenge an idea. Despite this, he maintained a humility that never saw him declare, ‘I’m Pat Patterson, so my idea is the best so listen to me.’ He wasn’t that type of an agent […].” Jericho explained that this collaborative approach is what made working with Patterson so fun.