Darby Allin Agrees With Jim Ross About “Dive Spot”


Darby Allin agrees with JR's recent criticism of a popular spot.

Jim Ross recently criticized a spot popular with many AEW wrestlers on his podcast and Darby Allin agrees with his sentiment.

JR was critical of the spot in multi-person matches where everyone stands outside the ring and catches another wrestler as they do a plancha, suicide dive, or some type of diving move.

“I told a kid the other day at AEW that everybody does the same f***ing spot,” Ross said on his podcast. “All you guys go outside. You cluster up like coils. You stand there in a huddle, friends, and foes together, side-by-side so you can catch some leaping idiot going over the top who never wins with this move.”

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During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Darby Allin agreed with Ross’ comments.

“I love Jim Ross, and I agree with him,” was Allin’s response.

JR’s comments were also referenced in a Tweet from AEW‘s Brandon Cutler promoting the 7-on-7 match on Dynamite tomorrow night.

“Imagine not listening to criticism from the men & women who’ve shaped our profession, and paved a road that allows you to make a living today; all because they hurt your feelings,” Dax Harwood Tweeted.

AEW Wrestlers Upset With JR’s Comments?

An anonymous statement made by one AEW wrestler to WrestlingNews.co was critical of JR’s comments.

“Look I know there is a lot that JR can teach us but burying us on the show or on his podcast is only going to make some of us ignore what he says. I grew up watching JR and he is the best and we love it that he calls our matches. But maybe find a different way to criticize the wrestlers in the ring. Everyone is doing what they have been taught.”

The full interview with Allin can be viewed in the player below: