The Good Brothers On Declining WWE’s Podcast Offer: ‘F-That!”


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have opened up about declining an offer to host a WWE podcast when they were still with the company.

Impact Wrestling’s Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have opened up about declining WWE‘s offer to host a podcast. Last year, WWE kickstarted its own podcast network featuring several of its Superstars. During their time with the company, the pair were offered the chance to partake in the new initiative. However, it wasn’t something that interested either of the Good Brothers.

WWE came to us and said they were going to have a podcast network, and we want to have [Corey] Graves and you guys,” Luke Gallows told the Cut Wrestling Podcast. “And we were like, ‘Ehh, it’s not the same.’ Besides us not liking the business offer on it, it’s not the same. It’s not Talk ‘n Shop without [co-host Rocky Romero], so we declined the offer on it. We said, ‘Let’s just do it and see if it catches on.'”

Gallows noted how only four weeks after being extended the offer, he and Anderson were cut from WWE. He shared how since leaving the promotion, their podcast has taken on “a life of its own.”

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Anderson added how WWE pulled them both aside and informed them, “we want you to do a podcast.” They were told how they would be given a private room before Monday Night Raw each week to interview guests.

According to Anderson, “We looked at them and said, ‘F*** that!’ If you want us you have to come to the hotel with some wine and beer, and they agreed. Then they told us the money they wanted us to do it for it, and we were like, ‘Nope, we are out.’ Podcasting ain’t that fun.”

Both Gallows and Anderson were released by WWE earlier this year. WWE claimed the cuts were due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on business. They would eventually sign with Impact Wrestling.