Hulk Hogan Explains Why Ric Flair Is His Hero & The Greatest of All Time


WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is doing the media rounds to promote next week’s “Legends Night” edition of WWE Raw.

The Hulkster spoke with India Today about a variety of topics, including Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre impressing him this year, the death of Pat Patterson, what it takes to win the Royal Rumble and more.

When asked how he feels when people refer to him as the greatest pro wrestler of all time, Hogan was gracious and shifted that spotlight to the one and only “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Hogan went as far as to call Flair his hero and the the man who laid the groundwork for everyone else to follow.

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“Well, you know, I will gracefully accept and acknowledge that compliment because it means so much, especially coming from my peers, to say that. The guy who is my hero, and who I think is the greatest wrestler of all time, that’s Ric Flair.”

“So I do appreciate the comment but I have a different opinion about who is the best wrestler and the greatest of all time, I have to go with Flair. It’s in his blood and he laid the groundwork. He raised the bar that no one has really been able to follow as far as work ethic.”

Hulk Hogan on Pat Patterson & The Royal Rumble

Regarding the recent death of Pat Patterson, Hogan said Patterson helped so many wrestlers and has a huge legacy that evokes all kinds of emotions. When he was just getting into wrestling, Pat Patterson helped teach him how to take bumps, how to go out through the ropes and do all kind of stuff. They became close friends over time and it was a very tough day when he passed.

Hulk Hogan won the Royal Rumble twice during his WWE career. He says no matter what number you pull, the odds are against you. “You just never know who is gonna come at you, who is gonna cheap shot you, who acts like they might help you but is just there to set you up and stab you in the back,” he said. “You have to pace yourself. You have to have eyes on the back of your head. Otherwise, you don’t survive the Royal Rumble.”