Jim Ross On What Sting Will Be Doing In AEW


Jim Ross says Sting will have a variety of roles in AEW

The big question ever since Sting joined AEW has been what the icon will be doing in the promotion and Jim Ross suggests that he won’t be having just a single role in the company.

The legendary commentator returned for his Grilling JR podcast once again where he talked about things like Tony Schiavone‘s different outfits and more.

Talking about Sting‘s arrival in the promotion, Ross revealed that it was Tony Khan who reached out to the former WCW star and claimed that he is going to have a variety of roles in the company:

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“What’s really going on is Tony Khan reached out, hired Sting to a multiyear deal. He’s going to have a variety of roles, I don’t know what they are exactly but they will be in a creative capacity where he’s a character on television.

There’s a lot of ways to be a character on T.V.” said Jim Ross, “that’s been accepted by the audience nowadays that doesn’t include wrestling a match every week.”

The AEW star continued by claiming that he doesn’t think anyone should wrestle every week calling it a ‘kiss of death’ for the wrestler.

The former WWE star explained that wrestling every week over exposes a talent to the audience and you shouldn’t do it if you want to keep your talent fresh.