Jim Ross Talks Potential Roman Reigns vs. The Rock Match


Jim Ross says it's all dependent on The Rock

There has been discussion about a potential match between Roman Reigns and The Rock and legendary commentator Jim Ross also talked about it recently.

The current AEW star talked about a number of things during the latest episode of his Grilling JR Podcast including the career of Umaga and more.

Discussing a potential match between the two cousins, Ross said that people are coveting a Rock vs. Roman Reigns match but he is not sure it will happen:

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“People are coveting a Rock vs. Roman Reigns match somewhere down the road. I don’t know if it will ever happen, there’s a chance, but it’s all up to The Rock. It isn’t up to anybody else, it’s up to him.” said Jim Ross, “His schedule is so crazy, he can’t afford to get hurt because he’s going to lose millions of dollars if he can’t work. Not that he’ll go broke, but nonetheless, he’s special.”

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The veteran announcer also discussed how the Samoan dynasty thing isn’t a gimmick but a real thing and how he has been connected to the family of The Great One since the early 80s.

He recalled his first introduction to the team of Afa and Sika collectively known as The Wild Samoans during his time with Mid South Wrestling and discussed recruiting The Rock for WWE.

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You can listen to the Grilling JR podcast at Westwood One and AdFreeShows.com. The latest episode can be heard in the player embedded below: