“Kenny Omega Is The Top Wrestler on The Planet, Number 2 Is Not Even Close” – Don Callis


The Invisible Hand discusses how Kenny Omega is the best wrestler in the world

IMPACT Wrestling EVP and the ‘Invisible Hand’ behind the AEW Champion Don Callis recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. Callis discussed a number of topics during his time on the show, these included the buzz he and Kenny Omega have created and how his ‘family’ member is the best professional wrestler on the planet.

Callis would begin by discussing how the situation now is different for Omega, compared to when he was the ‘top guy’ in New Japan Pro Wrestling. “If you think about it? I don’t want to speak for Kenny, we haven’t spoken about this…but being the top guy in Japan? It is a very different proposition than coming in and being the face of a brand new wrestling promotion that everybody’s talking about.”

Throughout Omega’s initial run in AEW he has been portrayed as a babyface character. Don Callis would say that the rejuvenated ‘Cleaner’ esque style we’re now seeing is Omega being ‘comfortable’ in AEW.

Don Callis on Kenny Omega

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“I think Kenny, just for the last year, didn’t feel totally comfortable and totally like he could be himself. One of the nice things about family? We feel comfortable, we feel we can be ourselves. And I think because of the bond that Kenny and I have that goes back two and a half decades? I think Kenny feels that he can be himself when I’m there.”

Callis would also discuss the dynamic that he and Omega have on screen. “I think that we feed off each other. Dave Meltzer has described it over and over again as a Heenan/Bockwinkel type of dynamic; where both parties feed off the other one and it’s made to be a superior tandem. And I think that’s what we’ve seen, Kenny’s just comfortable and he’s comfortable being himself. I think Kenny would probably tell you that he’s just so much better at this than everybody else, and he really is. I mean, Kenny is the top wrestler on the planet, and number two is not close.”

Do you agree with Don Callis? Do you think that Kenny Omega is the best wrestler on the planet? Let us know in the comments