Kenny Omega Appears On Impact Wrestling, Promises Big Announcement


Kenny Omega explains his actions from this past Wednesday

After the controversial finish to the AEW World Championship match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley during last week’s episode of Dynamite, Don Callis had announced that the new AEW champion will make an appearance on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling to explain things.

The new champion then made an appearance on the show alongside Callis where he set down with Josh Mathews and the two opened up about the events of this past Wednesday night.

The interview began with Mathews asking how long the AEW and Impact alliance has been in work, to which Callis replied that it all began when he met Kenny at the age of 10. From there Callis made it his mission to be in Omega’s corner and so the idea has been in works for nearly 27 years.

Omega Explains His Actions

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Josh Mathews then moved the conversation towards the AEW title match. Josh asked the former NJPW star why he decided to use a microphone as a cheap shot to gain victory over Moxley, despite saying that he wouldn’t do so during their gentlemen’s agreement.

Replying to it, the new champion explained that Moxley shouldn’t have hit Don Callis saying “When you involve family, when you lay your hands on the invisible hand – what do you expect me to do?”

Later in the interview, Kenny Omega declared that collecting world championships is his new hobby and he wants to face other world champions from different promotions, including Impact.

The duo concluded the interview by claiming that they have a big announcement to make at this week’s episode of Dynamite on Wednesday. You can check out Kenny Omega‘s Impact Wrestling appearance in the video below:

Kenny Omega‘s declaration that he wants to face other world champions is very interesting. we will have to see what other crossovers it leads to in the coming times and if it means that AEW world title will be defended at other promotions.