Kurt Angle On Who Is His Favorite Babyface In WWE


The Former Raw GM offers some praise to the current WWE champion

Wrestling veteran and Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle recently held another one of his Q&A sessions on his official Facebook page where he answered some interesting questions.

The former WWE star was first asked what are the three things aspiring pro wrestlers should focus on and he replied by saying that selling, bumping properly and psychology-telling a story are very important.

A fan then asked Angle which is the one match he would like to erase from his memory so he can watch it again for the first time and Kurt mentioned the match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart from WrestleMania XII:

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“Bret vs. Shawn Ironman match. It was really great to watch. They told a great story. It was a draw at the end of 60 minutes. Awesome match!”

Kurt Angle also offered some praise to Drew McIntyre and when asked who is his favorite babyface in WWE, he wrote: “Drew McIntyre. He’s having a great run!”

Apart from this, the former Raw General Manager answered questions such as the first CD he bought from his own money, what is on the Christmas list of Kurt Angle and his favorite Christmas movie.