MLW Fusion Results (12/16): Tom Lawlor and ACH Clash In Main Event


Tom Lawlor and ACH headlined MLW Fusion 12/16

Major League Wrestling on 12/16 featured the second semi-final match in the 2020 Opera Cup. The Black Hand of Contra was also in action this week and we learned more about what is upcoming at Kings of the Colosseum on January 6th, 2021.

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

MLW Fusion 12/16 Quick Results:

  1. Bu Ku Dao w/TJP defeated LA Park Jr. w/Los Parks
  2. Mads Krugger defeated Ben Heavy & Daniel Starling
  3. 2020 Opera Cup (Semi-Final)
    Tom Lawlor defeated ACH
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Here are 7 takeaways from MLW Fusion 12/16:

Tom Lawlor Advances To The Opera Cup Finals

The main event of Fusion this week saw Tom Lawlor and ACH clash in the second semi-final match of the 2020 Opera Cup. Low-Ki has already advanced to the finals after defeating Richard Holliday in the first semi-final match.

After an exciting back and forth match, the finish of the match came when ACH went for a splash off the top rope but Lawlor got the knees up and then cradled ACH into a pinning combination for the win.

With that, the finals of the 2020 Opera Cup are set as Tom Lawlor will face Low-Ki. Lawlor cut a promo after the match and said they might as well make the trophy a crown because when he wins it, he’ll be the King of the mat.

MLW Top-10 Rankings vis Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has ranked the top-10 wrestlers in MLW. The updated rankings were announced on this week’s show.

MLW World Champion: Jacob Fatu

  1. Alexander Hammerstone (National Openweight Champion)
  2. Low-Ki
  3. Tom Lawlor
  4. LA Park
  5. Myron Reed (World Middleweight Champion)
  6. ACH
  7. Laredo Kid
  8. Richard Holliday
  9. Calvin Tankman
  10. Mads Krugger

Mads Krugger and Contra Unit Send A Message

The Black Hand of Contra, Mads Krugger, sent a message this week on Fusion. He took on 2 opponents at the same time and had little trouble with them. Meanwhile, on commentary they noted that Alexander Hammerstone was being restrained in the back from coming out to confront the man who attacked him weeks earlier.

After Krugger dispatched of his opponents, the Sentai Death Squad joined him in the ring. They wrapped their opponents in body bags and closed the segment standing tall.

It would later be reported that Hammerstone and Krugger were brawling in the backstage area. Then it was revealed that Hammerstone and Krugger will clash at Kings of the Colosseum.

Mil Muertes Is Coming To MLW

For the second week in a row, Salina de la Renta submitted a video of her travels to Mexico City. This week it appeared Salina was conducting some type of ritual in an effort to summon Pascal Mendoza, who is also known as Mil Muertes. The former Lucha Underground Champion appears to be on his way to MLW and might be part of Salina’s plan to get back at Konnan, who revealed her role in Contra Unit’s takeover of the MLW head offices this spring.

Dissension In the Dynasty?

Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday pulled up to the building at the start of the show. Alicia Atout was there waiting to interview them. Holliday seemed annoyed at Atout being there but Hammerstone said that Holliday had just been going on and on about her. Then they were both attacked by some masked assailants. Holliday and Hammerstone turned the tables on their attackers but Holliday had to stop Hammerstone from ramming one attacker into his car. Holliday then expressed frustration with Hammerstone for what he said to Atout.

Bu Ku Dao Defeats LA Park Jr.

A couple of young prospects squared off in this week’s opening match. Bu Ku Dao had TJP in his corner for this match and LA Park Jr. had his father and his brother. Dao is barely 5-feet but clearly has a lot of skill in the ring. The Parks would take the opportunity to give Dao a few shots on the outside when the referee wasn’t looking as well.

The finish of the match came when Park Jr. had Dao locked up in a hammerlock guillotine submission but Dao cradled him into a pinning combination for the win. After the match, the Parks were not happy with the referee’s count.

Coming Up In MLW

MLW is gearing up for the Kings of the Colosseum event that will take place on January 6th, 2021. Here is what has been confirmed for the show thus far:

  • National Openweight Championship
    Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs Mads Krugger
  • MLW Middleweight Championship
    Myron Reed (c) vs Lio Rush