New AEW Champion Kenny Omega Announced For Impact Wrestling Appearance


Is this the start of a new partnership between AEW and Impact Wrestling?

The ‘Winter Is Coming’ themed episode of AEW Dynamite featured many surprises including the involvement of Impact wrestling VP Don Callis in the AEW World title match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega.

Callis was in the commentary for this bout and he eventually made his way to the ring. He checked on Omega after a tough suplex on the floor and Callis then tried to pursue the referee to stop the fight, saying that Kenny was hurt.

This resulted in Mox blasting the Impact Executive with a punch. However, the mic Callis was holding ended up in the ring due to Jon’s punch and Kenny Omega used it to his advantage by hitting the AEW Champion with the microphone.

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He went on to hit Moxley with a one winged angel and Kenny Omega became the new AEW World Champion after pinning the former WWE star.

Callis then grabbed the AEW title and helped Omega to get backstage and into a waiting vehicle. Alex Marvez tried asking Callis what just happened and he responded by saying that we will find out about it on Tuesday at Impact.

Impact Wrestling‘s official Twitter account later retweeted a video of the segment and when a fan accused Don Callis of screwing AEW, he simply responded by saying ‘AEW screwed AEW‘:

All these signs point towards a new partnership between the two promotions. We still don’t know the details of this partnership but it does open a plethora of new possibilities.

One such interesting possibility is the potential of exchanging talents which could lead to a Bullet Club reunion between Omega and the team of Gallows and Anderson. Stay tuned for more updates.