WWE Moving Forward With Second NXT Show


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A new NXT show could be premiering next year as it’s been heavily discussed by WWE officials. 

Last month, Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer wrote that Triple H had been trying to find a way to complement a new NXT in order to give talent more time in the ring and given extra exposure. At the time it was noted that WWE wasn’t looking to do live events with this brand. 

The show has been discussed for quite some time. Shortly after the initial report was published, former EVOLVE booker Gabe Sapolsky tweeted, “Things get way overblown.”

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Moving along to Friday, it was reported that Triple H has put together a team to oversee the show, which will be an NXT minor league system.

It was said that Gabe Sapolsky is leading the team as Triple H has given him several agents and writers to help him get more comfortable with writing television. 

The show was described as an “NXT for NXT.” Triple H is reportedly a big believer in Sapolsky, which is believed to be a case of him being given the ball. Although the original goal was for it to launch early next year, it’s been delayed. 

NXT is not the only wrestling brand planning additional programming. Earlier this week, All Elite Wrestling filed a trademark for the name AEW Elevation. This is believed to be the name for AEW‘s second cable television show.