Paul Heyman Says New Day Will Only Be A Footnote In Big E’s Career


New Day are arguably the greatest tag-team in WWE history. There are some significant statistics to back this theory up. They are 10x tag-team champions, including having the longest single-reign of tag-team titles in WWE history. Also, Kofi Kingston is the only wrestler in WWE history to have held a tag-team title for more than 1000 combined days. They are easily 1st ballot hall-of-famers as a team.

According to Paul Heyman, however, Big E‘s potential as a singles wrestler eclipses what New Day has already accomplished. Heyman noted on Talking Smack recently that he feels Big E‘s time in New Day will only be a footnote in his career overall.

Heyman had the following to say to Big E on the show:

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“This Big E, a focused Big E, a singles championship-minded Big E, has so much potential that 10 years from now, as your story is being written, they will all say that the accomplishments that you did with the New Day pale by respectful comparison to the accomplishments that you will pull off on your own,” Heyman said to Big E on the show.

“What you are going to accomplish in the next 10 years will be mind-boggling, sir. And I’m looking forward to seeing it, as is everybody else. But you have to accept in your heart that the New Day will only be a footnote in the story of the greatness of Big E.”

“If I may prove to my case to you, I ask you a rhetorical question: When was the last time you saw Roman Reigns in the ring and anybody even bothered to mention the Shield?”

At this point, Big E fell silent as the weight of Heyman’s words sunk in.

The full segment can be viewed seen here: