Priscilla Kelly Says AEW Wanted To Bring Her In As Darby Allin’s Wife


Priscilla Kelly is the latest guest on Vickie Guerrero’s Excuse Me podcast. They spoke about the effort for women’s wrestling to be treated equally to men’s.

Kelly worked for AEW briefly this year, but was not signed to a long-term deal. She revealed to Vickie Guerrero that AEW discussed bringing her in as the wife of reigning TNT Champion Darby Allin. They were in fact married at the time, but divorced over the summer.

“The thought was thrown around for me to be put with Darby in AEW,” Kelly began. “Maybe like, ‘You come in, and you’ll be the wife and then like you get kicked in the face, and he then gets mad or something.’ There was a lot of ideas thrown around.”

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She explained that being portrayed as “Darby Allin‘s wife” would define her down and strip away her individuality. She explained to people in AEW that she could come in, do a “wife spot” and that could eventually lead to her wrestling matches. However, she had a problem with that.

“If I come in and I’m introduced as Darby’s wife, I’m forever by the fans gonna be known as just as his wife. And then from there on out, everything I do in the ring or on a promo is gonna be heavily, heavily compared to him.”

She did not want to be become “the Robin to Darby Allin‘s Batman” and thus decided against the opportunity.

Priscilla Kelly is currently wrestling for Major League Wrestling (MLW), but is working on a per-appearance basis and considers herself a “free agent.”