Rocky Romero Refutes AEW-NJPW Rumors


Rocky Romero is refuting recent comments made regarding AEW-NJPW relations.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Tony Khan was still beating down NJPW‘s door in the hopes of developing a working agreement between the two promotions. It was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that Khan was speaking with NJPW‘s Rocky Romero regularly to get something done.

“Khan has been speaking to Rocky Romero regularly of late to try and open doors to New Japan, feeling the odds are better to do something with Harold Meij gone,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

Romero refuted these reports recently on an episode of Talk N Shop with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows. According to Romero, he hasn’t talked to Tony Khan in over a month.

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“I guess Meltzer’s reporting that me and Tony Khan are having calls all the time, like every week, which is not true at all,” Romero said on the show.

“I’m not talking to Tony weekly, no. I mean, I’ve talked to Tony in the past, of course,” Romero continued. He was then asked about the last time he spoke with the AEW President.

“I’ve talked to Tony probably a month ago, maybe more,” Romero continued.

“(Meltzer) is not completely lying but he’s making it seem… he’s selling something and trying to make it seem something… He’s trying to get clicks,” Romero continued. He would later refer to the report as “misleading.”

Shortly after this, the subject of what exactly Rocky Romero’s role with NJPW is concerning American talent. Although unofficial, Romero has long been thought of as NJPW‘s point person for American and English-speaking talent.

“I’ve never said that,” Romero said when the Good Brothers referred to him as working for talent relations in NJPW. Gallows wasn’t convinced, however.

“I’m saying that, it might not be your actual title,” he said. “Your pay cheque says differently. They don’t just pay you to talk guys out.”

“Yes, they are!” Romero responded.

The full Talk N Shop episode can be listed to here.