Shaq Addresses Cody Beef, Brandi Rhodes Throws Drink On Him During AEW Dynamite


Shaquille O’Neal appeared on this show

Just as AEW announced earlier this week, Shaquille O’Neal spoke with Tony Schiavone on Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

This came after Shaq’s name was brought up several weeks ago during a segment on Dynamite when Jade Cargill teased that Shaq was on his way while doing a promo with Brandi and Cody Rhodes.

Fast forward to Wednesday’s Dynamite, Shaq did backstage segment with Schiavone and Brandi. Schiavone brought up how Shaq had something he wanted to tell the fans. Shaq recalled watching Jade a few weeks ago and how he’s a fan of hers as they go back a long way. He noted that he wants to see her do big things, but didn’t appreciate Jade’s attack on the arm of Brandi. 

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Brandi said that she didn’t appreciate breaking her arm either, but she hopes things can calm down and further incidents won’t happen. Shaq said he would love to see Jade and Brandi wrestle on Dynamite.

Shaq noted that him going after Cody on Twitter was all in fun and that he has all the respect in the world for the wrestlers. He said that he loves Cody and Dustin. He noted that he’ll be there for a match with Jade and Brandi.

Just as Brandi was about to leave, he told Brandi that she could learn some points from Jade. This led to Brandi throwing a drink in Shaq’s face and calling him an oversized a**hole.

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