Sting Comments On His Respect For Bret Hart


Sting and Bret Hart share mutual respect.

Bret “Hitman” Hart and Sting recently shared some complimentary comments about one another. The two worked together near the end of Hart’s career in WCW, wrestling a total of 32 matches with each other from 1998-99.

A user on Twitter recently posted a quote from Bret Hart‘s old podcast in 2016 where the Hitman spoke about the respect he has for Sting. During the podcast, Hart was asked if there was anything he enjoyed about his time in WCW and Hart said the only good thing was being able to wrestle Sting.

“I really didn’t enjoy anything. If I had to sum up what one thing I did like I would probably say wrestling Sting,” Hart said. “Sting was a class guy, just a first-rate guy. Great guy to work with. Great guy to talk to. Great guy to hang out with. A real friend. No ego. Never saw any ounce of ego. Just a team player all the way and I always had a lot of respect for him.”

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Sting then responded to the Twitter post that quoted Hart’s comments about him.

Hart and Sting wrestled against each other a lot in WCW. 20 of their 32 matches in WCW came on un-televised events, however. They wrestled 5 singles matches against one another on WCW programming.

  1. 10/5/98 WCW Nitro: Bret Hart (c) vs Sting – No Contest (US Title Match).
  2. 10/19/98 WCW Nitro: Bret Hart defeated Sting via DQ.
  3. Halloween Havoc 98: Bret Hart (c) defeated Sting (US Title Match)
  4. 10/18/99 WCW Nitro: Sting (c) defeated Bret Hart (WCW World Championship Match).
  5. Mayhem 99: Bret Hart defeated Sting (semi-final of a tournament to determine a new WCW World Champion).

Sting debuted in AEW earlier this month. Darby Allin and Sting appear to be forming some type of alliance.