“Sting Never Got The Treatment He Deserved in WWE” – Sean Waltman


X-Pac talks Sting's debut in AEW

WWE Hall of Famer and AfterBuzz TV podcast star Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman recently discussed the AEW debut of Sting.

The Icon Sting of course made his AEW debut this past week at the ‘Winter Is Coming’ episode of Dynamite. Whilst the appearance of Sting was shocking, fans are now wondering how the WCW legend will be used in All Elite Wrestling.

Sting‘s last match took place in 2015, where he lost to Seth Rollins at WWE‘s Night of Champions event. Sting suffered an injury during that match that meant his in-ring career was over…seemingly.

Sean Waltman on Sting

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“We’re in the situation right now where there’s really not big crowds” Sean Waltman began on the 1-2-360 podcast. “Although it was kind of cool, they did have a bit of a crowd there. You could see the reaction on some of their faces when the Stinger came out, it was a big deal. It came off like a big deal.”

Waltman would then praise Sting personally, saying “it totally was a big deal for me. It made me happy. He’s [Sting] a great guy, he’s just the nicest classiest guy.”

X-Pac would finish by saying that Sting was never going to get the right treatment during his past WWE run. “The thing is, is he was never going to get the treatment from WWE that his fans thought he deserved. And that he did deserve. He’s not a WWE icon.”

Do you agree with Sean Waltman? Do you think that Sting will get better treatment back on TNT with All Elite Wrestling? Let us know in the comments