The Dark Order Make Front Page Of Ottawa Newspaper


Stu Grayson and Evil Uno were on the cover of the Ottawa Sun this weekend.

It appears that The Dark Order has infiltrated the media. If you picked up a copy of the Ottawa Sun in the capital of Canada yesterday, you would have seen Evil Uno & Stu Grayson from the Dark Order on the cover. The tag-team is from the nearby town of Gatineau, Quebec, and the article covered their success in AEW.

In the article, the team spoke about enjoying their time in AEW thus far. Evil Uno shed some light on AEW‘s creative process and touted that the company does not employ writers.

“What’s great about AEW is we have a sense of freedom for what we want to do,” Uno said. “There is no writer in AEW. It all goes through [the EVP’s] and Tony Khan. They have final say.”

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Evil Uno added that it took some time to establish the Dark Order’s purpose in AEW.

“When we initially started, they had no TV show to explain our characters. We had masked men with us, but we had no way of properly explaining what that was. So we pitched that we explain it on TV, that we were a Scientology-like cult. From there, it blossomed.”

Stu Grayson added that it “feels really good” to be in AEW. “The more responsibility they give us, the better we feel. We want to have a busy schedule, we want big matches, we want big segments, we want to do promos.”

The full article can be read here.