Triple H Compares Undisputed Era To DX


Triple H says the group shares a real-life bond like the members of DX

The Undisputed Era has been one of the top factions of the wrestling world for the past few years and during a recent interview, Triple H compared the group to one of the most iconic factions in the history of the business, DX.

The Game recently had an interview with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports where he discussed things such as the legacy of the late legend Pat Patterson and more.

Talking about the Undisputed Era, Triple H explained that the reason for their success is the real-life connection among the members of the group. He went on to compare it to the connection he shared with his teammates in DX:

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“That [authenticity] to me is the magic of it, when that magic is there, it’s next level. They have that magic. It’s real to them. There’s no show. I think that’s what worked with DX. It wasn’t a show. We were just us. We all got along in that manner. When it’s magic like that, it really works.”

Triple H continued by saying that the group is a unit which gets along and then explained what kind of content he thinks resonates with people the most:

“In a way, I always feel like that stuff resonates the most when you can see a bunch of people that are on some level legitimately have that connection to where as a viewer watching, you think to yourself, ‘Man. I’d just like want to hang out with those dudes. I’d like to be at that dinner and just have dinner with them and hang out with them because it looks like it’s so much fun.'”

The Undisputed Era entered the WarGames match as babyfaces for the first time this year. You can check out the results of the event at this link.