Update On Joey Ryan’s Lawsuit Against Impact Wrestling


An update on Joey Ryan's lawsuit against Impact Wrestling.

Joey Ryan was released by Impact Wrestling following numerous allegations against him as part of the #SpeakingOut movement earlier this year. Ryan filed suit against Impact in late-September and is reportedly seeking $10 million.

According to a report from PW Insider, Impact would request an additional 30 days time to respond to the lawsuit that Ryan’s team filed on September 24th. They then missed that deadline and Ryan’s team filed to have a judgment made in their favor as a result on November 27th. Impact then responded to the lawsuit in a filing on December 4th.

In their response to the lawsuit, Impact is stating that they only made a public comment about Ryan’s release so that fans would not expect to see him on their shows. There is also a dispute between the two parties over Ryan’s Impact contract and the wording around what he could be fired for and what process would have had to be followed. Impact’s response states that they believe they did not breach their contract with Ryan.

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Ryan’s legal team is seeking $10 million from Anthem Sport and Entertainment, Impact’s parent company.

Ryan, along with Dave Crist, was fired from Impact Wrestling this June. The company announced at the same time that Michael Elgin would not longer be appearing on its programming.