News On Sting’s AEW Deal & How He Will Be Used


Sting debuted for AEW last night at Winter is Coming.

Sting debuted for AEW last night at Winter is Coming. Shortly after his appearance on the show, it was announced that he signed a full-time multi-year agreement with the promotion.

Sting‘s deal with AEW was discussed recently on Wrestling Observer Radio. “It’s not like WWE where you show up once every year or whatever. I mean, he is going to be on this thing. They wanted the idea of the big star from the old generation TNT being back as a regular.”

At 61-years-old, Sting is limited with how physical he can get. Don’t expect to see him working 20-minute singles matches, but he can still be a valuable asset to AEW.

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“Whatever physical stuff he does, they are going to have to do very safely,” Meltzer continued. “There will be physical stuff but I don’t think he’ll be taking any bumps or anything like that. But he’s in, he’s going to be a character in some form.”

Sting‘s debut was timed for the holiday season in part to sell merchandise. Fans probably noticed Sting was wearing an official AEW t-shirt for his debut. Immediately after his segment on Dynamite, a line of Sting t-shirts, hoodies and hats was added to the AEW store.

Check out Sting‘s new AEW merchandise at