WWE NXT Results (12/9): Finn Balor Speaks, Karrion Kross Returns


WWE NXT was an interesting show

The December 9, 2020 episode of WWE NXT aired live on the USA Network from Orlando, Florida at the Capitol Wrestling Center.

WWE NXT Results 

  • Jake Atlas def. Isiah Scott
  • GYV def. Imperium and Ever-Rise.
  • Tommaso Ciampa def. Cameron Grimes. 
  • Pete Dunne def. Killian Dain
  • Raquel Gonzalez def. Ember Moon.

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Finn Balor Opens

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WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor opened the show with a promo in the ring. He said that WarGames is done and the time for teams is over. He said that it’s Wednesday and the champion is back. He said that some people love him and some hate him, but if you want to get to know him then they can come to see him in the ring. This led to Pete Dunne walking out to the ring. 

Dunne said that they’re cut from the same cloth and it’s about time that they stand face to face. He said that he’s glad Balor is back, but it’s a matter of time before he puts Balor on the shelf and he is the NXT Champion. 

Kyle O’Reilly came out to the ring and said that Pete is a tough guy. He said that he knows Balor didn’t forget about the guy who broke his jaw and took him to the limit. He said that they have unfinished business. Damian Priest came out next and said that he’s been looking forward to this for a while. He said that a match between him and Balor is a marquee match. The three challengers took shots at each other while Balor left the ring. Balor said that on January 6th he will defend the title, but it’s not his problem who he will be facing. 

Karrion Kross’s music played and Scarlett came out to staredown Balor. Finn said that when Kross is ready then he’s ready. 

WWE aired a promo from Balor during Sunday’s NXT Takeover: WarGames 2020 event. He warned that all eyes will be back on The Prince beginning that night. Balor has been out of action with a jaw injury since the Takeover: 31 event in a match against O’Reilly. 

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes faced Tommaso Ciampa in a singles match. 

Entering this contest, Ciampa was fresh off a win over Timothy Thatcher at TakeOver while Grimes lost to Dexter Lumis in a Strap Match. 

Thatcher watched on from ringside. It was a fun back and forth match, which saw both men have their moments. Grimes worked over the neck of Ciampa. 

The end of the match saw Tyler Rust run down to the ring to try to attack Ciampa, but Ciampa caught him. Grimes kicked Ciampa in the face. Moments later, Ciampa caught him after reversing an outside dive attempt with a second rope DDT for the win. 

Grimes went away from the comedy style of character that he’s been in for the majority of his run in NXT. It also appears that the feud between Ciampa and Thatcher will continue. 

Ember Moon vs. Raquel Gonzalez

Ember Moon vs. Raquel Gonzalez took place in a singles match. Interestingly enough, this ended up being the main event of the show and WWE even announced that ahead of the broadcast. 

Of course, this comes after the two stars worked the women’s WarGames match this past Sunday at the TakeOver special that saw Team Candice (Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Gonzalez & Toni Storm) defeat Team Shotzi (Shotzi Blackheart, Moon, Rhea Ripley & NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai) when Gonzalez pinned Shirai.

The finish of this contest saw Gonzalez go for her finisher, but Moon rolled her up for 2. Gonzalez picked her up and hit the one arm slam finisher for the win. 

Post-match, Toni Storm came out, but Rhea Ripley followed and pulled Moon out of the ring before getting in the ring herself. Rhea and Gonzalez had a staredown before Gonzalez backed down to end the show. 

New Feud For Io Shirai

WWE aired a video package while recapping the men’s and women’s WarGames matches. It cut to a backstage interview with Toni Storm where she was asked why she turned on Ember Moon heading into the match.

Storm said people should put it together as Moon was in the wrong place at the wrong time and she guesses that she made the right decision considering the team that won.

She noted that when she joined NXT that she made it crystal clear that her sights were on one thing only and that is the NXT Women’s Title, but all she has heard about is Moon because she feels Moon stole her thunder and that doesn’t sit well with her. However, that’s okay because she will become the next NXT women’s Champion.

Io Shirai appeared and said that now WarGames is over, her focus is on the title. She noted that she doesn’t have a problem with Storm, but doesn’t like her. They brawled in the backstage area and out to the ring. Moon came out and tossed Storm into the steps and then into the ring where Io hit a moonsault off the top rope.  

Karrion Kross Returns

There was a segment with Candice LeRae, Johnny Gargano, Indie Heartwell, and Austin Theory where they were bragging about their wins at NXT TakeOver. 

All of a sudden Damian Priest came out to the stage and congratulated Gargano for winning the North American Title. As he was walking down to the ring, Karrion Kross came out and attacked Priest. He laid him out after powerbombing Priest off the stage through a table. 

Kross walked out of the building, got in a car with Scarlett, and drove off