Xavier Woods On His Reaction To Learning About His G4 Gig


Xavier Woods compares getting the G4 gig to getting his first WWE contract

WWE star Xavier Woods was recently named the host for the revived G4 video game brand which will be relaunching sometime in the next year.

The New Day member had an interview with IGN after the announcement where he discussed things like what it means for him to be part of the G4 family and more.

During the interview, Woods also revealed his reaction to the big announcement and he claimed that his reaction was similar to the time he got a WWE contract:

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“I was losing my mind… It was incredible, I’m just a random dude from Georgia who loves video games and loves wrestling.

So getting my WWE contract while sitting in the middle of a Walgreens in Orlando, Florida at the time doing like backflips, calling my parents… I had the exact same reaction when I found out I was going to be a host on G4.”

Apart from this, Xavier Woods talked about how the world of gaming has changed and he mentioned how back in the day there was a time when you got made fun of for liking wrestling.

He then explained that the same thing happened with video games in the past and he has been trying to show people that we are all the same kind of nerds.