AJ Styles Talks About Competing For WCW In 2001


AJ Styles recalls signing a contract with WCW

AJ Styles wrestled for many well known promotions across the globe before eventually signing with WWE in 2016 and the list includes a forgotten run with WCW as well.

The former WWE Champion was paired with Air Paris in a team called Air Raid and the two had one match for the promotion as part of WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship tournament right before the company folded.

During his recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Styles opened up about his experience of competing in the promotion and revealed that he actually had a contract with the company:

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“I knew I had a contract. So, I knew I was going to be coming back for a few more matches, Now, I didn’t know that WCW was going to go out of business. That sucked for me. But, it is what it is, and it happened for a reason.

I wasn’t ready to be in WCW. And I’m sure as heck was not ready to be in WWE.” said AJ Styles, “So, I’m glad things happened the way they did. I’m happy for the experience, but the timing wasn’t right.”

Later in the interview, the former TNA star also talked about his WWE debut and how the company had hidden him before Royal Rumble in order to try and stop the leaks about his debut.

WWE will be releasing a new episode of the WWE Untold featuring the story of AJ StylesRoyal Rumble debut on WWE Network this Sunday at 9 AM EST.