Brodie Lee Jr. Trains With WWE Stars (Video), Update On His AEW Contract


Amanda Huber recently clarified details of Brodie Lee Jr.'s AEW contract.

Brodie Lee Jr. (aka -1 of the Dark Order) was all over AEW Dark last night. He was involved in a pull-apart with Marko Stunt, cut a vicious promo on Luther, and accompanied his Dark Order teammates to the ring.

-1’s Mother clarified recently on Instagram, that her son’s AEW contract will not begin until he is 18 years old, however.

Amanda Huber also reiterated that if Brodie doesn’t want to wrestle when he gets older, he will not be pressured to. She also noted that school is his top priority right now.

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Brodie Jr. was also recently in the ring with WWE Superstars Liv Morgan and Tyson Kidd. Footage of their training is available in Amanda Huber’s post below:

Brodie Lee Jr.’s AEW Contract

“His contract with AEW is valid on his 18th birthday *if* he chooses to wrestle. Nobody is going to push it with him. If you were to spend 10 minutes talking to him you’d understand why they gave him a contract though,” Amanda said in her post. She also said that school is his top priority.

“He is not seriously training at the moment or will be taking bookings or anything ridiculous right now,” she continued.

“You think you’re so smart because you got a stupid red ball on your head?” -1 said. “I know what I know because I have a brain, not a stupid red ball. You have a ball on your face… your face just looks stupid. And Dark Order will always beat you.”