Chris Jericho Says Jim Ross Lobbied For WWE To Sign Him


Chris Jericho says Jim Ross lobbied to get him into WWE.

Chris Jericho left WCW for WWE in 1999. At the time, many fans saw him as someone under-utilized in WCW and felt he would have a better chance of becoming a main event guy in WWE. Years later, Jim Ross would write in “Under the Black Hat” that he had to press Vince McMahon to sign Jericho.

Jericho recently commented on Jim Ross‘ influence in bringing him into WWE. He responded to a fan’s comment online.

Jim Ross talked about Vince McMahon‘s attitude toward Jericho on an episode of his podcast earlier this year.

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“(Vince) was not as sold on Jericho as I was,” Ross said on the show.

“I had to negotiate with Vince basically to get Chris on the radar because of his f***ing height, and that was it.”

Ross would continue to say that Jericho ticks all the boxes aside from height. Jericho can work, talk, and is not injury prone.

“He was not the ideal height to be in a main event at WrestleMania in Vince’s view and the way it works there Conrad, you know as well as anybody, your sister-in-law is a big star there, the world revolves around Vince.”

Jim Ross talking about Vince McMahon‘s attitude toward Chris Jericho can be heard in the player below: