Jim Cornette Talks NBA Fans/Chris Jericho Drama


Corny discusses the drama between NBA fans and Chris Jericho recently

Jim Cornette recently weighed in on the AEW/Chris Jericho and NBA Twitter fanbase and why NBA fans decided to body shame Chris Jericho.

A recent episode of AEW Dynamite was pre-empted by an NBA game. The December 23rd episode of Dynamite followed on from a game that went into overtime and some NBA fans decided to watch the opening AEW match.

That match saw Top Flight (Darius and Dante Martin) take on the Inner Circle tandem of MJF and Chris Jericho. With Jericho being arguably the biggest mainstream name in AEW? Fans were quick to mention how different he looked from when he appeared in WWE during the ‘heyday’ of 2001-2005.

Jim Cornette on Chris Jericho

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“Why is anybody surprised?” Jim Cornette would begin on the Drive Thru podcast. “This is another thing that I’ve been saying for a long, long time. Whether you like it or not. Chris Jericho is the biggest mainstream name recognition star in AEW, specifically because of his years and years spent with the WWE. That was when their ratings were much higher than they are now.”

“It’s not because he had a match at the Tokyo Dome a couple of years ago” Cornette continued. “It’s not because he’s with AEW now. It’s not because he was with WCW in 1998, it’s because he was a big star on WWE TV for a significant period of time; when they were doing much better ratings themselves than they are now. That’s just math and common sense.”

Did you see the Twitter drama with Chris Jericho and the NBA fans? Do you think that Jim Cornette is right here? Let us know in the comments