Jim Cornette: “Why Would You Take Pat McAfee Off a Show That’s Deadly F*cking Dull Already?”


Corny lays in to WWE for deciding to not use Pat McAfee on television

It was recently reported that Pat McAfee has been ‘removed’ from NXT television. The reasoning was apparently as a way to stop McAfee feeling ‘overexposed’ on the Wednesday night programme.

Former NWA commentator and outspoken pro wrestling personality Jim Cornette would rip into WWE for reportedly taking this stance. Cornette would also comment on the apparent lack of communication between WWE officials and McAfee about the decision.

Jim Cornette on Pat McAfee

“McAfee tweeted that he was news to him when he read it!” Jim Cornette would begin on the Drive Thru podcast. “It’s news to him that he’s getting fired on Christmas Day. Not that it was news he’s being taken off television, but news that it was WWE was doing it on purpose.”

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“There’s no injury, that at least McAfee is admitted to” Cornette continued. “Or that has been teased or talked about. Basically as I understand it, the WWE has just said they’re not going to use McAfee until the spring!? And then they’ll they apparently…the illusion to this was that they would bring him back at that point.”

Jim Cornette would then state how the only talent he seemingly enjoys to a length extent on the show is McAfee and Rhea Ripley. “Why take Pat McAfee, one of the only good things about that show off of it? You know what? Pat McAfee could just marry Rhea Ripley and if it would be just them on that show? I could live with it.”

Cornette would then finish by lambasting WWE for removing McAfee off of NXT television. “So why would you take McAfee off a show that’s that deadly f*cking dull already when he’s one of the best things about it!?”

Do you agree with Jim Cornette? Do you think that Pat McAfee is one of the best aspects of NXT programming? Let us know in the comments