Jim Ross Names His Three Favorite AEW Matches


Jim Ross has named his three favorite matches since the launch of AEW last year. The Hall of Fame announcer has been ringside for some of the greatest matches in pro wrestling history, so his opinion on this subject carries weight.

During a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Ross named the three AEW matches that fans should go out of their way to see, if they haven’t already.

JR told co-host Conrad Thompson, “I loved Dustin and Cody.” Of course, the match he is referring two was the battle of the Rhodes brothers from the inaugural AEW pay-per-view, Double or Nothing 2019. It was an instant classic that ranks on any serious list of the best AEW matches.

Brother vs. Brother: Double or Nothing 2019(Photo: AEW)

Best AEW Matches

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Jim Ross said the best match of 2020 was the Young Bucks vs. FTR tag team ‘dream match’ from November’s AEW Full Gear pay-per-view. He also praised the Cody Rhodes vs. Brodie Lee dog collar match for the TNT Championship. Tragically, this would be Brodie Lee‘s final match before his untimely passing on December 26th.

He noted that Jon Moxley had a stellar year as AEW World Champion. “There’s a couple of Moxley matches that I thought were really good, I’m a big fan of Jon Moxley.”

Jim Ross wrapped up by going back to the Cody vs. Dustin match, stating that the personal nature of the match-up and the luxury of a live crowd put it over the top for him

“Overall, just looking back in total, the Rhodes brothers match might be my favorite match thus far that we’ve done in AEW. Live crowd, the dramatic use of blood, the story behind it. It became very personal and emotional, it wasn’t a ‘rasslin’ storyline so to speak. It was based on reality. They turned it on and it got me.”

You can listen to this “Ask JR Anything” episode of Grilling JR at Westwood One or in the player embedded below: