Jim Ross On What Led To Him Being Fired From WWE In 2013


Jim Ross was released from WWE in 2013.

Jim Ross has been fired from WWE multiple times. One such occasion occurred in the summer of 2013. Ross hosted a panel discussion to promote the upcoming edition of the WWE 2K video game series on August 16th, 2013 and both he and Ric Flair were suspected of being intoxicated during. Ross announced his “retirement” from WWE shortly after.

During an episode of Grillin JR, Ross addressed the incident which led to his departure from WWE in 2013.

“Bad decisions on my part. I had a couple of drinks but I wasn’t drunk, that was a story, that was a lie, that was cover your as s**t,” JR said. “When I got to the shoot, I was the host/moderator whatever, I went into the ‘green room’ and the liquor was flowing like water.”

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“A lot of the guys that did drink had drank too much. (Flair) and I, I guess, were considered two of those guys.”

“I think I got taken off the team at that point. It was poorly organized and I made bad decisions, let’s get that out of the way. I made some bad decisions. I don’t mind taking responsibility for screwups, we’re human. But you’ve got to learn from those screwups to move forward and I think I did that.”

“It was kind of funny how that worked out,” JR continued. “JR gets canned and Flair gets a statue.”