Matt Hardy Slams Vince McMahon For Hardy Bros. Tag Team


Matt Hardy has released a video explaining why the Hardy Boyz are the greatest tag team in pro wrestling history. Matt says he and Jeff will hold tag team gold once again. He also slams WWE Chairman Vince McMahon for attempting to “confuse the marketplace” with the Hardy Bros. tag team.

Matt calls himself the most innovative and creative trailblazer in all of pro wrestling history. He is the brains, the captain, the manager and the motivation behind the greatest tag team ever – and he’s got the evidence to back it up.

Hardy Boyz: #GTTOAT

The Hardy Boyz are the only tag team in history to hold World Tag Team Championships from WWE, WCW, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling.

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There are several other teams that are in the conversation for Greatest Tag Team of All Time. Hardy named the Road Warriors, The Rock and Roll Express, the Young Bucks and even The New Day.

However, the Hardy Boyz are more popular than them all. Aside from being tag team legends, Matt and Jeff have both held multiple world championships as singles competitors.

Matt claims it is a ‘documented fact’ that the Hardy Boyz have sold more merchandise than any team in history. In 2000, the the team made 20x their WWE downside guarantees because they sold so much merchandise.

The Hardy Boyz are still 100% healthy and in their prime of their careers. Matt assures viewers that he and Jeff will hold championship gold together once again.

Matt Hardy Slams Vince McMahon & The Hardy Bros.

Matt then turned his attention to Vince McMahon and the new Hardy Bros. tag team. He says McMahon is so obsessed with the greatness, success and popularity of the Hardy Boyz that he’s ripped them off with the Hardy Bros.

WWE has paired Jeff Hardy with another “Matt” (Riddle) in an effort to confuse the marketplace recreate the magic of the originals.

Matt Hardy says the Hardy Bros. will not be successful. He says the Fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel had a better chance of getting over than the Hardy Bros.