MLW Fusion Results (1/13): Los Parks Win Tag Titles, Mil Muertes Debuts


MLW Fusion this week featured a tag title match and the league debut of Mil Muertes.

Salina de la Renta served as executive producer for this week’s edition of MLW Fusion. She booked the Von Erichs in a title match and stacked the decks in favor of the challenging Los Parks team. Salina also introduced former Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes to the league.

You can watch the full episode in the player below:

MLW Fusion 1/13 Quick Results

  1. Low-Ki defeated Budd Heavy via referee stoppage
  2. Mil Muertes defeated Brian Pillman Jr.
  3. MLW World Tag Team Championships
    Los Parks defeated The Von Erichs (c) – New Champions
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Here are 7 key takeaways from MLW Fusion 1/13:

Low-Ki Makes Short Work of Budd Heavy

Low-Ki needed just 8 seconds to defeat Budd Heavy this week. The bell rang, Low-Ki charged at his opponent and drilled him in the face. Budd Heavy went down and Budd Heavy never got back up again. The ref called for the bell. After the match, Low-Ki had a few words for American Top Team to the camera. King Mo and Dan Lambert have been saying that Low-Ki shouldn’t even be cleared to compete but the former MLW World Champion seems to be gunning for revenge on team.

Konnan Is Missing & There Is Concern For His Well-Being

It was noted this week on commentary that nobody has heard from Konnan in days. Salina de la Renta has been promising to get revenge on Konnan for weeks after he revealed that Salina aided Contra Unit in the coup attempt at the MLW head offices this spring. She ordered a video tape be played of her in San Diego delivering a message to Konnan. In the video, Salina seems to imply that Konnan is no longer alive, perhaps having come face to face with the “Man of 1000 Deaths” Mil Muertes. Salina implied that Konnan’s only legacy left to wrestling will be that he was the one who forced her to summon Muertes and bring him into MLW.

Mil Muertes Destroys Brian Pillman Jr.

Brian Pillman Jr. pulled off a “Rick Rude” last night. He was on both MLW Fusion and AEW Dynamite. He ran into stiff competition on both shows, however. There was nothing Pillman could do against Muertes here. All of his chops and strikes failed to register on Salina’s new monster. Muertes fired back with chops and strikes of his own, several clotheslines, a power slam, and finally his Straight To Hell (flat-liner) finish for the win. Muertes, under the control of Salina, could run complete rough shot over the entire league.

MLW Strikes Up Deal With IWA Puerto Rico, Richard Holliday Comments

MLW has partnerships with promotions in many of wrestling’s top hot spots, like Japan and Mexico. They’ve now added IWA Puerto Rico to the mix. The league announced the alliance this week on Fusion.

Puerto Rican wrestling icon, Savio Vega, had his Caribbean Championship stolen by Richard Holliday before the shutdown. Holliday said this week that he’s upset that neither MLW nor IWA give him the proper recognition of being the Caribbean Champion. He invited the actual champion to face him in the ring.

MLW Top-10

The MLW top-10 rankings brought to you by Pro Wrestling Illustrated were announced on this week’s show. They are as follows:

MLW World Champion: Jacob Fatu (Contra Unit)

  1. Alexander Hammerstone (National Openweight Champion) (Dynasty)
  2. Tom Lawlor (Opera Cup Winner)
  3. Low-Ki
  4. LA Park (Promociones Dorado)
  5. Lio Rush
  6. Richard Holliday (Dynasty)
  7. Mads Krugger (Contra Unit)
  8. Myron Reed (Injustice)
  9. ACH
  10. Laredo Kid

 Promociones Dorado Sold?

Salina de la Renta was having a great time all night long as she produced this week’s episode. Then before the main event, Rich Bocchini informed her that he just heard Promociones Dorado had been sold. Salina tried to no-sell this but the confusion and anger was evident on her face. She stormed off the set.

It was later revealed that Salina’s organization has been sold to Azteca Underground Inc. An update on reads as follows: can confirm Promociones Dorado is now a subsidiary of Azteca Underground, Inc., a California based company. However, details remain unclear beyond this.” 

Los Parks Win MLW World Tag Team Championships From The Von Erichs

Salina de la Renta could not have stacked the deck any more in favor of Los Parks in this match. Longtime Von Erich rival, Tom Lawlor, was chosen as the special guest referee and he made no secret of the fact he was trying to help Los Parks win. There were numerous incidents of him trying to fast count the Von Erichs and delivering slow counts whenever one of the brothers would try to pin a Park.

It looked like the Von Erichs had the match won after an Iron Claw Slam but Salina came in the ring and sprayed mace in the eye of Ross. As Marshall was checking on him, LA Park speared him out of the ring. LA Park Jr. then came up from under the ring and joined his father and brother in attacking the Von Erichs. This allowed LA Park to hit a spear on Ross as well. Lawlor, who had tumbled out of the ring, finally got back inside and delivered a fast count on Ross and awarded the victory and the titles to Los Parks.