Ric Flair Says Charlotte Is Greatest Women’s Wrestler Of All-Time


Ric Flair will stand by this statement

Ric Flair is obviously very proud of his daughter, Charlotte, and her career that she’s had thus far in the pro wrestling business. 

At 34-years-old, Charlotte Flair has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in WWE. She’s held the NXT Women’s Championship, was the final WWE Divas Champion, has reigned as champion on Raw and SmackDown and is a Royal Rumble winner. Success sometimes brings detractors with it. Charlotte has deal with her share of negativity from fans, but that does not bother her father.

During an interview with CBS Sports, Ric Flair says he’s not concerned with wrestling fans who are critical of his daughter.

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“I’m not so much bothered by it,” said Flair. “I just laugh at it. It’s really sad the impact that social media can have on people. She’s got thick skin. Wrestling is the only sport where somebody can’t be the best. 

Flair added that fans are critical of all pro athletes. At the end of the day, it does not detract from Charlotte’s legacy. She is currently in her prime and Flair sees his daughter as the greatest women’s wrestler of all time.

Charlotte made her return to WWE programming at last month’s TLC pay-per-view to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Asuka. “When she walked out at TLC, what did you think? That’s star-power,” said Flair.

The Nature Boy respects the accomplishments of Trish Stratus and Lita, but Charlotte Flair is still the greatest of all time.

“She’s the best woman on the roster, but she’s the best woman of all time,” Flair said of his daughter. “I’ve been in the business 49 years. Give me an example of who you think is better. You can’t.”

You can read the full interview at CBS Sports.