Ricochet’s WWE Contract To Expire Soon (Report)


Ricochet could be on his way out

Ricochet could become the next high-profile talent to enter the free agency market.

The 32-year-old high flyer signed with WWE in 2018. It’s believed he signed a 3-year deal, which has lead to speculation about his future over the past several months. Fast forward to January 2021 and Ricochet might have some tough decisions to make about his future.

Bryan Alvarez addressed the situation this week on Wrestling Observer Live. Alvarez does not believe Ricochet has re-signed with WWE. This does not mean that Ricochet is definitely leaving WWE, but this is a developing story we’ll be covering.

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Ricochet‘s WWE run has been unremarkable to say the least. Sadly, his story is a familiar one. After an impressive career wrestling around the world and tearing up the independent scene, he signed with WWE and had a solid run in NXT before floundering on the main roster. Last year, he was saddled with a “Losing Streak” storyline, which always goes over so well.

In recent weeks, Ricochet has been wrestling on WWE Main Event with occasional appearances on WWE Raw.

WWE was offering big money contracts to talent up until year ago to prevent them from signing with AEW. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there were drastic cost-cutting measures. Dozens of wrestlers were let go last year and WWE‘s offers to talent have been far less lucrative.