Update On Impact Contracts: Sami Callihan, Ethan Page & More


Sami Callihan has re-signed with Impact Wrestling.

We have updates on a few Impact Wrestling contracts that were set to expire at the end of 2020.

Former Impact World Champion, Sami Callihan, has announced that he has re-signed with the promotion. He noted on Twitter yesterday that he’s come to terms on a 2-year deal with the promotion. Callihan originally singed with Impact in late 2017.

Callihan wrote, “Today marks when I WOULD have been a FREE AGENT. I just RE-SIGNED with @IMPACTWRESTLING, 2 years for BIG money. I got other offers…but I don’t give a damn. This is MY company. I made this company. I will be champion again in 2021. #TheDRAW.”

Ethan Page Update

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In other Impact news, Ethan Page has finished up with the company. It had previously been reported that he was not expected to re-sign.

It was reported recently in the Wrestling Observer that he has left the promotion. His tag-team partner, Josh Alexander is still with the company, however, and has several months left in his contract. Dave Meltzer wrote, “Ethan Page, who is no longer with the company as he decided not to sign a new deal, which breaks up The North as a team since Josh Alexander has months left, has pulled all of his merchandise effective now.”

As for where Page is headed, pulling merchandise is often a sign someone is going to WWE. Page is the kind of guy who would throw out a red herring like that, though.

Page has said in interviews that the North will not be breaking up, however.

“If you think for one F’N second that we’re going to let Impact dictate whether we break up, or we don’t, or whatever you’re out of your damn mind,” said Page.

“I’m telling you guys. Everyone watched Final Resolution, and everyone saw my mental breakdown, whatever. It doesn’t matter. I’m telling you guys that no matter which way this goes The North are not splitting.”