Triple H Talks Curt ‘Mr Perfect’ Hennig’s Royal Rumble 2002 Return


The Game talks Mr Perfect

Triple H appeared on Wednesday’s episode of WWE‘s digital series, The Bump. The Game was there to promote NXT New Year’s Evil and discussed some of his favorite Royal Rumble moments.

One of the moments that Triple H discussed was the 2002 return of Curt ‘Mr Perfect’ Hennig. Mr Perfect returned during the Royal Rumble match that year and lasted until the final four of the match.

When Triple H first debuted in WWE, Curt Hennig would act as his manager, helping him get to the Intercontinental Championship. The Game would discuss what it was like having Hennig return to the ring for that Rumble match way back in 2002.

Triple H on Curt Hennig

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“It was awesome” Triple H began on The Bump. “You know for me as a fan? Like Curt was just one of the best in ring performers, ever. Just athletically…everything that he brought to the table.”

“So when I came into WWE the first time?” The Game would continue. “Curt was sort of in that, first kind of manager position for me. He was helping me get to the Intercontinental title. Shortly thereafter he left to go to WCW. So him then returning later? It was kind of a weird full circle moment. But yeah, it was very meaningful to see him in that spot [in the Rumble] and the reaction that he got was awesome.”

If you never got to see Curt Hennig during his short 2002 run then check out the match below against Rob Van Dam: