Triple H Talks John Cena’s Shock Royal Rumble 2008 Return


The Game talks an iconic moment from the Royal Rumble 2008

Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for WWE Triple H recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump. The Game was appearing on the show as part of the ‘Royal Rumble Royalty’ segment of the show, discussing historic moments and memories from Rumbles past.

During the show Triple H was asked about the shocking return of John Cena back in 2008. When Cena appeared at number 30 in the Royal Rumble that year it was a huge shock; Cena was injured and the timetable for his return was far past the Rumble in Madison Square Garden that year.

Triple H was one of the men in the ring during that match and he lasted to the final two with Cena. “When you’re in there with a guy like John [Cena]? The energy is up anyway, the excitement level is up. You know what you’re about to go do.”

Triple H on Royal Rumble 2008

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“And you know, as we’re coming down to that moment? And John’s about to come out? I know where we’re going and I know this place is about to become unglued” Triple H would continue. “I knew if we play it right? They (the fans) won’t sit down, like if we can, if we can deliver on it in this way? It will just be incredible.”

Triple H would also discuss why moments like that are why some performers find it difficult to leave the ring and retire. “You know how when you get to the end? It’s all about how hard it is to walk away, how hard it is to walk away from the camaraderie and the limelight of it, the meaning of it, you know? It is incredibly difficult because you know what it meant to you in those moments, that energy and adrenaline. And you know what it means to those other people and then even when you can be a part of that for them.”

“It’s incredible. I think it’s part of the buzz even now that I get” Triple H continued. “Whether it be NXT, and putting stuff together and watching new talent or new talents have that moment. That moment when the light bulb goes off, that moment when they have their, sort of arrival, and their big moment.”

If you’ve never seen the match and Triple H facing off with John Cena check the whole thing via the video below.