Bobby Lashley’s Attack On Drew McIntyre Was Part Of “Business”


Bobby Lashley revealed the reasoning behind his actions on Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event where he viciously attacked Drew McIntyre after his match.

Drew McIntyre emerged the winner at Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber show, surviving in the hellish structure and coming out of it as the triumphant winner. The celebrations of victory were suddenly put on hold, however, as Bobby Lashley came out and hit McIntyre with a spear. Lashley issued a proper beatdown on McIntyre as suddenly The Miz‘s came out to the ring with along with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

By this time, Lashley was already done attacking McIntyre, and was out of the ring. As The Miz approached towards the ringside, the two exchanged looks before the former WWE Champion made his way inside the ring.

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The Miz then promptly hit a Skull Crushing Finale to end McIntyre’s reign and become a two-time WWE Champion.

Soon after, Bobby Lashley sent out a message via Twitter explaining his actions. He succinctly wrote, “Business… #WWE Chamber.”

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Prior to The Miz cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and winning the WWE Championship, he was seen backstage talking to the MVP in a backstage segment earlier during the show. While they were talking about wasn’t audible, it’s being speculated that The Miz struck a deal with The Hurt Business to weaken Drew McIntyre so he could cash in his briefcase.

This could mean that The Miz would let Bobby Lashley take a shot at his title as part of the deal. It would be interesting to see how the story goes on from here – whether the angle will be played out at the upcoming Fastlane event or it would go to till WrestleMania.

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