Booker T Fires Back At Notion That He Was A ‘Cancer’ In TNA

Booker T believes there is a misunderstanding when it comes to people who feel he was a burden in TNA.

Booker T felt it was time for a change when he requested his release from WWE back in 2007. He was granted his release and soon found himself wrestling under the TNA banner. Booker T was in TNA until 2009. He made a return for one night only at a live event the following year.

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Booker T Responds To Critics Of His TNA Run

During an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T responded to a fan question sent to the K100 podcast. The fan question referred to the notion that Booker T was a “cancer” in the TNA locker room.

“I remember one time we went overseas, and this is where I think I got a really bad rap as far as me being in TNA. Went overseas and all of the boys, we were working so hard, and we got to the building and we had no catering at the building. Zero, zero catering for the boys and a lot of guys in TNA, those guys weren’t making a whole lot of money or anything like that. Me personally, I had a credit card so I could get some food if I wanted it but I felt really, really bad for those young guys.

“I remember after the show they wanted to stop at a food truck and get some food for the guys. The guys would’ve had to buy their own food and I pitched a fit. I went off, I went crazy, I lost my mind but maybe that’s where I got the bad rap for a second because I was speaking up for the boys. I made sure I spoke up for those guys because those guys like dropped off on an island and [were told], ‘Find some water and food on your own. You ain’t getting no credit card.’ It was like one of those Survivor missions or something like that. That’s the way it felt for me and I was really ticked off that those guys were treated that way.”

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Booker T went on to say that he actually purchased food for some of the younger talent. He also said he’d let it be known that he wasn’t happy whenever he was asked to do a media day session in his own car rather than the company having a car for him. Booker T also wasn’t pleased whenever he was expected to get on an eight-hour bus ride to catch a one-hour flight.

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