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Bully Ray Defends Seth Rollins For Not Striking Fan During Attack

Bully Ray has come to the defense of Seth Rollins from some online detractors following a fan attack.

On the Nov. 22 episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE ran an angle where Seth left Finn Balor laying in the middle of the ring. As Rollins walked up the ramp, a fan tackled him to the floor.

During the attack, Rollins slapped on a guillotine choke but didn’t tighten it up and the fan ended up pulling on his hair as seen in several fan-recorded videos.

Seth kicked the man, who has been identified as 24-year-old Elisah Spencer, to break free. Afterward, Rollins had some strong words for the fan as he was escorted out of the arena.

Bully Ray Responds To Seth Rollins Critics

Some fans have taken to Twitter to sound off on Seth Rollins for not giving the fan a beatdown. Even Chavo Guerrero insinuated that Seth looked weak.

On an episode of Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray expressed his belief that Rollins did exactly what he was supposed to do in that situation.

“People chiming in on social media, ‘Oh Rollins is a punk for not beating the sh*t out of him.’ No, he’s not, he’s a pro. You can’t fire back because then they sue you, then they sue the company, then they sue the arena, then they just get sue happy.

“And then the jury looks at you like, ‘Well Seth, you did get away from the guy. Did you really have to go back and punt him in the face?’

“‘Yeah, but the guy jumped me.’ ‘Yes, we understand. The guy jumped you and that’s what arena security is there for and that’s what WWE security is there for. It’s their job to control the guy and get him out of there, not your job to kick him in the face after you got away.’

“That’s why you don’t do that. Seth saved the company a lot of headaches last night. Most guys wouldn’t have that kind of self-control. I’ve seen it a hundred times. The boys just salivating to get that one shot in.”

The fan was arrested by the NYPD for attempted assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs. It was discovered on social media that Spencer had been scammed by a Seth Rollins impersonator online.

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