Jeff Hardy Recalls Being Mad At Vince McMahon After WrestleMania 25 Match

Jeff Hardy says the match was cut short

Jeff Hardy has been part of many memorable WrestleMania matches. One of them was when he faced his brother Matt Hardy in a one-on-one match at WrestleMania 25. Though as it turns out, Jeff wasn’t really happy with the bout immediately afterward and he was mad at everyone including Vince McMahon.

The charismatic enigma opened up about it during his appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. He revealed that they had to cut a lot of spots from the bout because of timing issues:

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“We got cut a lot of time off that match. I’ll never forget this. And I was so upset because we had to cut out several spots. I was so passionate and upset. We didn’t get to do it in front of that crowd. And that was one time me and Vince did have a conversation after that.

[I] think he kind of liked it. He saw how mad I was because I was like throwing stuff [and I was like] ‘can’t believe we didn’t get do that stuff we wanted to do.’ We did plenty. More than enough. But still the passion within me really ignited that night after the match. I was really upset.”

Jeff Hardy On What It’s Like Facing His Brother

Jeff Hardy faced Matt Hardy at WrestleMania 25

Steve Austin also asked Jeff Hardy how it is working with his brother as an opponent. Replying to it, the former world champion said that Matt is his favorite person to hit the swanton bomb on. He also explained that getting the opportunity to face his brother on the grandest stage of them all was a dream come true:

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“I was asked this recently. Who’s your favorite person to hit the twist to fate on? I was like – ‘my brother.’ Because when we are teaming, he hits that twist of fate for me to hit that swanton bomb. So, when he’s been a butthole, like he can be. I love to hit him with it and then follow up with the swanton. It’s awesome man. Brother vs. brother. Dream come true.”

Though while the match was a success, Hardy’s career went downhill from there. He was released from his WWE contract the same year. He was then arrested only two weeks after his WWE release. Jeff explained that at that point he felt that his life was over and he would never be able to return to WWE after that.

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