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Matt Hardy Reveals His Dream Retirement Match

Matt Hardy wants to retire with his brother on his side

Matt Hardy is currently enjoying his stint as a wrestler and manager in AEW. Though at the age of 47 years, the prospect of retirement is lingering around the back of his mind. The wrestling veteran has a couple of interesting scenarios for it. Hardy was asked about a dream retirement match during his latest appearance on AEW Unrestricted. Replying to it, he showed interest in a one on one match with Kenny Omega:

“A dream retirement match would maybe be something against Kenny Omega. I can see that. I’ve never gotten to do a one on one with Kenny Omega and I think he is absolutely one of the most talented guys alive. Even more than that. I would maybe even say a better retirement would be myself and my brother, if that works out in the future, verses like The [Young] Bucks or one of the current tag teams [in AEW]. I would definitely like to end on that note, for sure. That’s how we came in and [I] would kind of like to go out that way.”

Matt Hardy Wants To Be Remembered As A Fearless Wrestler

The Hardy Boys have been wrestling for almost 3 dacades

The other part of the question was what would he like to be remembered for once he has hanged his boots for good. In response, Matt Hardy explained that he would want to be remembered as one of the most fearless wrestlers of all time. Not only from the physical aspect of things but from a creative aspect as well:

“I almost want to be remembered to be one of the most passionate wrestlers of all time, because I am. I’m one of those guys who love this. I grew up a huge fan and I was able to do it. I was able to achieve some success and I’ve always been very passionate [about] everything I’ve done. [I] also want to be remembered as being a fearless wrestler, not necessarily from aspect of taking chance and taking risks even though I have done my fair share of that.

Fearless from a creative aspect about not being afraid to try different things and sometimes they work and they’re a huge success. Sometimes they don’t. And then you go back to the drawing board. So, I would like to be remembered for being a fearless competitor, especially from a creative aspect. I’ll take somewhat of the physical aspect too, athletically, but then also, just being a very passionate wrestler. One of the most passionate wrestlers of all time.”

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