Hammerstone Gunning To Be ‘The Face Of TNA’ (Exclusive)

Hammerstone was already the face of one wrestling promotion and the former MLW World Heavyweight Champion looks to continue that trend in TNA.

The recent TNA signee first made his TNA debut without any deal by facing Josh Alexander at Hard To Kill, the company’s first PPV since their jump back to the old TNA letters. Hammerstone came up short in that exchange but got his revenge as TNA Sacrifice as he defeated ‘The Walking Weapon’ and took Alexander’s signature headgear as a “scalp” to pin on his wall. Now the rubber match takes place Saturday at TNA Rebellion. This time, it’s a Last Man Standing match.

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I spoke with Hammerstone this week about Rebellion, his goal to be the new face of TNA and so much more. 

Hammerstone says there was no better way to show up in TNA than being thrown right into the deep end. Even in a promo before joining the company, He made clear that he’s a shark that’s on the hunt and was ready to take on all comers as a free agent. The big man didn’t have to wait for long as TNA did end up signing him. When asked if he looks forward to the notion that he could potentially be the face of another wrestling company, Hammer was more than willing to oblige.

“Listen, there’s no time in wrestling where I’ve ever shown up and just wanted to get paid and have a match and go home. Every place I go I want to get to the top. I want to conquer. That’s my goal. That’s my mission statement from day one.”

Hammerstone notes that it will be a tough hill to climb on the TNA roster and that there are a lot of names who have been there longer than he has. However, that won’t deter him from keeping his eyes on the top of that hill.

“I’m not intimidated. You know, I have a feeling if we have this same conversation this time next year, we’ll be talking about myself being the face of TNA.”

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Hammerstone had a bit of a warm-up match on the go-home episode of TNA Impact as he took on Little Guido who recently just unveiled a new version of the FBI. Unfortunately for Guido, Hammerstone manhandled the maybe mafiasio.”

TNA Sacrifice airs this Saturday at 8 PM ET on PPV.