Darby Allin Won’t Hold Back With “Crazy Violent” Film Directorial Debut

Darby Allin won’t hold back with his feature film directorial debut which is set to begin production this fall. 

In the ring, Allin is known for his risk-taking style which has resulted in multiple stints on the injured list for the former AEW TNT Champion. Sitting down with Fightful, Allin disclosed that he is set to make his filmmaking debut as a director this fall. Allin explained why he wouldn’t hold back with the project and recalled a time when he was told to do just that. 

“I want to make a crazy violent film where it’s not like ‘Darby was playing it safe.’ I want to offend people. ‘F*** you. You’re not f***** with my art.’ 

“I was in film school  and the teacher told me, ‘You cannot make movies like this.’ I said, ‘I’m over 18. There should be no rules to what your body of art should be, especially in film school, of all places.’ I told her, ‘I’m done.’ I dropped out and that’s when I started training to be a pro wrestler.“

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Little is known about Allin’s film project but if it’s anything like the man behind the camera, fans can expect a violent, bloody affair from the ‘Pillar’ of All Elite Wrestling. 

Darby Allin Out of the Ring

The AEW staple also plans on climbing Mount Everest though reaching the summit is proving easier said than done. Allin had intended to begin his climb this month but a foot injury derailed those plans. Despite this injury, and recently being hit by a bus in New York City, Allin intends to make the climb and document his journey.