Ex-Employee: AEW Hasn’t Had a Face of The Company Since Cody Rhodes

All Elite Wrestling will need to find a new talent to be the promotion’s goodwill ambassador in the place of Cody Rhodes, according to All-Elite alum Kevin Kelly.

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Rhodes, alongside wife Brandi, parted ways with AEW in February 2022 and the American Nightmare would return to WWE shortly after. Since then, Rhodes has become one of WWE’s top stars and is currently in his first run as Undisputed WWE Champion.

While Rhodes has achieved plenty in WWE, AEW without him has seen its share of issues. Injuries and backstage drama has taken a considerable amount of shine off Tony Khan’s promotion in the eyes of many fans. Taking to Twitter, Kelly suggested that AEW has yet to find someone who’ll represent AEW on all levels in the way Rhodes did for years.

Kelly knows a thing or two about impactful exits from AEW, though his departure was nowhere close to as amicable as the Rhodes family. Kelly made a series of disparaging remarks on social media earlier this year including accusing fellow AEW broadcaster Ian Riccaboni of libel. After not appearing at an AEW taping, Kelly was let go by the company in

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Cody Rhodes: Goodwill Ambassador

When it comes to selecting a representative of your wrestling promotion, one would struggle to find a better candidate than Cody Rhodes. Articles highlighting Rhodes’ connection with fans are a regular occurrence online, demonstrating his commitment to his role as a leading name in WWE. Earlier this year, Rhodes got up close and personal with a visually impaired fan at a WWE event who held a sign saying they were trying to see him. This heartwarming interaction came about mere weeks after Rhodes agreed to be the Best Man at a fan’s wedding